About Us: The What, The Why

Back to the Garden Ministries, Parachurch Ministry

Back to the Garden or BTTG Ministries, Inc. was birthed by Hope D. Blackwell in 2003, many years following the call on her life to "build the old wastes, raise up the former desolations, and repair the waste cities, the desolations of many generations". (Isaiah 61:4) The ministry serves as a Para-church movement advancing the Kingdom of God by equipping, encouraging, and empowering people to walk victoriously in God's purpose for their lives both locally and globally. The role a the para-church ministry is very simple. By definition "para" means to come alongside or to resemble, to be a counterpart of. Just as paramedics and paralegals work alongside doctors and lawyers doing the work to help them accomplish their goals more effectively and efficiently, so does the parachurch ministry as it works alongside the local church to help accomplish the will of the Father without the legalism and religious protocols that often hinder ministry and effective service to all people regardless of who they are, where they were born, or what they believe. The "para" understands it is not to replace but to focus on specific areas of need that require special attention or detail, helping achieve the end result of health and victory! This is the heart and function of para-church ministry.

It is our calling as a para-church ministry to work alongside churches, organizations and ministries to build and enhance God's people to walk in victory and fruitfulness. We endeavor to establish collaborations and partnerships that will provide real cures to the ills of society, seeing people released from the bondage of sin, degradation and pain into a fulfilling new victorious life filled with inner peace and purpose!

Reaching the Lost and Equipping Believers...

Back to the Garden Ministries transforms lives by transparently ministering to those in need and addressing everyday life situations according to biblical principles. We share the love of Christ through programs, trainings, fellowships and counseling to meet the needs of people in the community and abroad. It is our passion to usher people into a place where they experience the love, encouragement, healing, and restoration available through intimate relationship with our loving and merciful God, thus discovering their purpose and walking in their full potential in Christ. BTTG Ministries operates under the mandate of the great commission of Christ, while conveying authentic love, compassion, and service to a world in need of love, light and leadership. We desire to be facilitators of the needed healing, teaching, and unity that will help destroy the racial, denominational, economical and gender walls of partition that come to hinder our effectiveness in the world today.

Areas of Ministry Partnership

  • Global Missions
  • Community Outreach Programs:

(In geniune community service, we assist people of any sex, race, gender, religion, creed, and socio-economic status in becoming emotionally, socially and economically stable and productive members of society through our partnerships, programs and services)

  • Evangelistic Ministry 
  • Counseling and Professional Psychotherapy Services
  • Workforce Development/Community Service Programs
  • Prayer Ministry
  • Individual and Family Ministry

...For Purposeful and Victorious Living!

It is in the beginning of creation, where we received the understanding of our divine design and purpose in God. It is there where the kingdom purposes and plans for all mankind were released. Even in that very place of purpose and power we fell because of our choice to sin and disobey, losing our God given dominion and authority. But thanks be to God, through His great love,  mercy and grace we were given restoration of life eternal, peace, victory, and power through Jesus Christ! As we go "back to the garden"; the place of intimacy, communion, and fellowship with God, we will receive the impartation, revelation, and instructions needed for purposeful and victorious living;  being empowered to fulfill the mandate of the great commission. 

Throughout scripture the garden is often the place of beauty, peace, fruitfulness, and communion with God. Although it is a place of abundance, it is also the place where the first struggles between the flesh and the spirit were aroused. This struggle existed then and will continue until the return of Christ, but through the blood of Jesus and power of the Holy Ghost we are victorious! As a ministry we usher people into the presence of The Father through authentic worship, prayer, teaching, discipleship and fellowships. We help people to discover and fulfill both their corporate and unique purpose in the Kingdom of God, while teaching them by the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to accurately operate in our calling as sons and daughters of God as we share this message of The Gospel of Jesus Christ with all the world!   

About Us: The How!

Equipping, Encouraging and Empowering Communities!

In geniune community service, we assist people of any sex, race, gender, religion, and socio-economic status in becoming emotionally, socially, economically stable and productive members of their society through our FREE public partnerships, programs and services.

Community Services: 

· Emotional and Social Development Programs

· Credit and Financial Literacy Education and Personal Counseling

· 1st Time Homebuyer Education 

· Post Purchase/Foreclosure Prevention

· Job Readiness/Workplace Etiquette

· Teen Mentoring Programs

· Support and Equipping Groups 

· Monthly Feeding Program

· Care Packages for the Homeless

· Emergency Intervention Assistance


“And they shall build the old wastes, they shall raise up the former desolations and they shall repair the waste cities, the desolations of many generations” 

Isaiah 61:4

Sharing our Faith and Advancing the Kingdom of God through:

- Small Group Fellowships

- Leadership Training

- Evangelism and Outreach

- New Believers Discipleship

- Global Missions in East and West Africa and Asia

- Prayer Ministry 

- Media and Publications

- Generation Truth Seekers 

- Women’s Ministry (The Purposed Woman) 


- Dorcas Ministry (Helping those facing sickness and death)

- Friday Night Prayer and Deliverance

- Men’s Ministry (In His Image)

- Young Adult Ministry (B.L.A.S.T. Building Lives Around Sound Truth)

- Couples Ministry (United We Rise)

Contact Us:

Back to the Garden Ministries, Inc.

1385 Fordham Dr. 

Suite 105#171

Virginia Beach, VA 23464-5345

(757) 667-1008



Assisting Churches in the Great Commission Through:


3D GLOCAL Missions & Evangelism

Training and Partnerships

Through Discovery, Development, and Deployment we help Christian churches actualize their vision for effective missions and evangelism through training and mentorship.

For Local Missions:

· Senior Leadership - Outreach and Evangelism Vision Mentoring

· Outreach and Evangelism Leadership Development and Training

· Engaging and Serving the Community in the 21st Century

· Congregational Equipping on Practical Lifestyle Evangelism 

· Biblical Models and Methods for Establishing an Effective Outreach Follow-up Ministry and Team

For Global Missions: 

· Senior Leadership – Missions Vision Consulting and Coaching

· Developing a Biblical Worldview/ Creating a Global Missions Culture

· Setting Realistic Global Missions Goals, Projects, and Plans

· Devising Financial and Logistical Support and Strategies

· Cultural Research, Education and Equipping for Successful Missions

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