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"They shall build the wastes, raise up the former desolations, repair the waste cities, the desolations of many generations."

Support "Pastor Solio's Legacy LIVES"

Help us be a tremendous blessing to Pastor Elijah Solio's widow, Margaret and her 3 children.

In the month of June a tragedy of flooding during the rainy season occurred in Kenya and 3 lives were lost. Pastor Elijah Mele Solio of Nesilet in Maasailand 37 years old, his blood sister and her husband all drowned on this terrible day. Pastor Elijah Solio, whose church I have visited and ministered to in the year prior, left behind not only a grieving church, family and friends; but a widow, Margaret Solio and 3 small children, girls ages 3 months (at the time), 1 year and 3 years.

Shortly after being made aware of this loss by the overseer Bishop Moses and Pastor Lucy Turere (Global Worship Center in Kiserian), I was strongly compelled by the Holy Spirit to send something to this widow, understanding the lives of widows in this region. I sent a love offering to the widow a few weeks after the tragedy. I sent it with joy, but also tears because I wanted to do more. In the pictures you will see the passing of the red envelope and also what blessings were obtained as a result.  With the offering a small business was started in a shop selling the basic essentials to every day life, as well as the first two of four cows purchased.  Cows are the greatest economy of the Maasai people as not only they give milk, but they multiply and the young ones are sold for food and all of this supports family needs. Truly it was the love and grace of God that Holy Spirit orchestrated such a generational blessing and we am grateful.

On the recent mission we had the blessing of going to visit dear Margaret, the family and the church in August to further encourage and strengthen them during such a difficult time, and there I learned of all the ordeals that this young widow faced immediately after the loss of her husband. It was such terrible experiences she faced due to cultural issues. Truly, it was rough times, but God quickly worked on her behalf with the support of her church leadership Bishop Moses and Lucy Turere (Global Worship Center) and Pastor Gideon standing against evil and unfair cultural traditions and providing her with some support. I saw the nice shop she opened and my heart was touched. I had no real idea of how the blessing she recieved had shifted and beautified this young woman's life at such a critical time, particularly in the Maasai community. Many people and those in the church her husband Pastored rejoiced at the handiwork of God over her life and the legacy of the late Pastor Solio.

There are not adequate words to share the feelings I had when I encountered everyone's joy and appreciation and heard her full testimony and witnessed (even from her parents and community) how this blessing was so much bigger than I imagined. By the grace of God and unction of the Holy Spirit I made a covenant to offer consistent monthly support to this family to assist with rebuilding her life as a widow and single mother of 3 small children.

This is a great blessing, but YOU CAN HELP ME ENLARGE IT! It takes partners to meet certain needs and I want to invite you into being a part of a bigger blessing. There are 3 issues that I feel compelled to champion and request your financial support of ANY size.

1.) Margaret is renting her shop and I desire to see her with her own which can easily be built in the same area and owned by her exclusively.

2.) Margaret no longer has her own place for her and the children to live due to the happenings after the loss of her husband, which also can easily be built for her to own.

3.) I would like to help Margaret get an additonal cow and adequate stock of products to expand her business.

For $3,500 Margaret can be built a basic combination of a home and shop where she can run her business and also attend to the needs of her infant and toddlers. Additional money above building costs will be used to purchase another cow, household needs and shop items. Another man was touched and has provided a future scholarship for those children to be educated at the time of schooling.

Her husband, the late Pastor Elijah Solio served faithfully and selflessly in the kingdom of God in ways no servants of God could even understand in the USA, but by the grace, he did. I believe it is the will of God for his legacy to continue strong through his wife and children in ways he could have never imagined.  By the direct outpouring of love and support by the leadership, Bishop Moses and Lucy Turere, who oversee hundreds of Maasai churches, Pastor Gideon who is standing in as Pastor and also Pastor Kennedy another local maasai Pastor, the church is strong and encouraged to press forward and continue supporting one another. Even during the visit and ministry in August, souls were saved and God was greatly glorified as He spoke and released His great grace to empower this wonderful church. I believe God is honoring His Word to do a new thing which is springing forth NOW,  where He will make ways in the wilderness and rivers in the desert places. 

We are committed to this cause and we invite you to join us if you feel inspired to make a difference in the lives of many through this effort. You are not only helping a widow and her children, but strengthening a community, encouraging a church and bringing hope to a people seeking to love and serve God and one another.

It is a truth we have issues and needs in our own country, and as a ministry we play a part in the building of our local community, but I assure you many do not compare to other places in the world. Consider being a part of something bigger. God is God of the whole earth! May He touch your heart to assist us in providing for His children.

God bless you.